A Middle Child Forgotten

For the first five years of my life I didn’t even know my mom, dad, or siblings. When I was three months my mom handed me off to stay with my uncle and auntie in Chicago. I stayed with them for five whole years until one day my mom popped up with the police officers and told me that she was my mom and that it was time to go home. It took me four years to cope with the big change. By the way she has treated me these past thirteen years, I wonder why she even bothered to take me from people who actually cared for me.

I am the middle child of an older sister and brother and my youngest sister and brother. My oldest sister, Lyn was always the one that could have fun with friends and go to the movies. I knew then that we were young, so I waited for my chance. My oldest sister grew older and moved out at age fifteen. My mom still spoiled her from a distance. My sister has had two cars given to her by my mom and dad.

I have an oldest brother name Gene. Gene is in college and my mom gave him a car before, but he ruined it. My mom and I always were in arguments just because I wanted to hang with the older group. I use to get in trouble for the simplest things such as staying after school or being with friends. I was the only one that seriously had a hard time.

It was mandatory that I had to cook and clean for all five of us, I had to help my mom cook on Holidays also when I didn’t want to. Everyone else were able to relax, but not me. I became impatient with waiting for things to happen that never did.

I was supposed to be the next in line to receive a car, but I became pregnant at age seventeen Honestly, I think that is no excuse because my oldest sister has a child and my mom bought her a brand new car. I am currently I senior attending high school and my mom won’t even help me get through high school so I can go to college.

My younger sister and brother, Te’Jon and Audrionna, are the two spoiled ones. They can do anything they want to do now. From what I hear, my younger sister is the next one in line to get a car. That is not fair due to the fact that I am on my way to college and doing good things for my life and she seems not to care. I feel she has abandoned my attention and also the fact the she has another child somewhere out in the world that she has forgotten.

– Phaedra

2 thoughts on “A Middle Child Forgotten

  1. You can have more then one kids, just make sure you’re fair and wont make the same chain. break it. and you make it.
    two is what needed in this world.
    I have two son.
    and I try my best to treat them equally.
    and so we try.
    And you’re not forgotten, they seem not to care really. They knows you’ll do just fine but at lest acknowleged that right?
    Favoritism, siding on one side only has been here loong time since time in memorial. Do not use your judemental but to use your wisdom instead.
    I feel and believe that you will not be like your mother.
    for you know how it feel and would not want to reflect on your beloved kid. with this being said.
    I hope you do well in going to college year after graduating from high school and get your degree and be successful in life! be a good mother for your cooking skill will melt their heart.
    I wish you the best of luck raising up your baby.
    I hope the one support you!
    and be a man about it.
    About your mother, let it go…say no more.

    I hope you get yourself a car if you need it for college.
    Take good care of both of you and your newly one.



  2. I’ve always wondered why parents always skip the middle child. Its not fair how your sibs get everything while you’re stuck w/ nothing. This is the problem with families these days. Favoritism. Since you say you’re already getting a kid, try to make sure he/she will be your only child so that you avoid making a similar mistake your parents did.

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