Being the Middle Child

Being a middle child really sucks. I am not generalizing this statement, because middle child syndrome is very real. It is a condition that continues to affect millions of people around the world, including me.

I hate my middle child personality, it is like a disease inside me. I have never felt I truly belonged. All the attention were given to the first and last child. I feel that everything I do goes unnoticed, sometimes it seems that I was not intended to be part of the family. Middle children are the black sheep of the family. Middle children are the outcasts. Yes, I was always aware of middle child personality, they say that middle children are underachievers and inferior compare to our siblings. I personally do not believe this. Since I was a kid, I was driven to achieve things just to be noticed. While being successful at being praised and honored, I still didn’t feel loved at all.

I think middle children are really talented individuals. Well, I’m not a professional artist, but I can say that I’m pretty artistic compared to my other siblings. But still, I always feel that there is something lacking, that feeling prevents me from pursuing my dreams and ambitions. I feel that before I can live my life, I must first move on from the past, which is very hard to do.

I am already 22 years old, still single and living on my own. I hope that all these will pass, and one day I will look at myself and be proud of who I am and what I have achieved, not for the acceptance of others, but for myself.

I strongly believe that good parenting must be practiced by all aspiring parents. In this way, unloved children like me would not continue to suffer. Middle children deserve better.

53 thoughts on “Being the Middle Child

  1. I use to feel like that I’m a middle kid of 6 two in front and 3 behind me . I was never notice so I just did what I was told . I got blamed for everything and if would ever tell and it was the truth my parents said that I was lie , so I just stop talking and when something went wrong I just took the punishment what ever it was . I would just pray please lord don’t let me to grow up like them . Now that I’m an adult I live on my own terms im agood person and live a wonderful life just me and my daughter happy . One thing it has taught me I know a good person from a bad person no judging I just have better insight now I have forgotten about who did me wrong now I know who will do me right . When your better it gets better :)

  2. In this case of situations, I had severe depression and stress due to the same reasons as everyone would feel like. Even up till today, I am the only liaison in the family from doctor interpreting, taking care of the laundromat shops without and only have 1 weeks of vacation for the last ten years; worse yet. I do not get paid even though my mom told me she will pay me 100.00 in cash/week. What makes me more uncomfortable is when we drive to another states and I wanted to practice on a freeway fron point A to B. There are few straight road for upto three-hundred miles but my dad, older brother, oldest sister, and my youngest brother can drive on that road. Think about this questions, if you marry a person and she would like to drive to a honeymoon vacation and you told her that your mother won’t allow you to drive.

    Will she leave you for that? IT IS MY PETPEEVES if that case ever happen. When it comes to paperwork, I done everything, even I file for our citizenship tests but end up w/o any thanks or reward me for my achieve after citizenship test.

  3. Nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m always the screw up in the family, I always feel like my parents have nothing to be proud of when it comes to me.

  4. Im a younge teen and also a middle kid. It sucks. So much is expected from you and so little is given. Love is spread to my older brother and younge sister. Im always the last if everything. Put aside. My opinians no longer matter. Im only brought up to attention when I do something wrong. And there are so many things my parents dont notice of me. My amazing athletic ability and A+ average since kindergarten for example. Or my cooking skills. Or that I spend so much time alone in my room om the internet and texting. So the good isnever noticed of us middle kids. Perhaps one day it will change. And us middles will be loved,encouraged and noticed. But,I dont think that is any time soon.

  5. Its amazing to see how many others feel the same way I do. I’m 18 with a younger brother and an older sister. It seems like they get the most attention and I’m only noticed when I do something wrong or disobeying my parents by not taking the trash out or making my bed up. When my brother has 3 F’s and my sister has a serious problem of her own (rather keep to myself). I don’t understand when I do something good I’m noticed for 5 seconds and even though they say they love everyone equally you can tell its not being shown. I feel like I’m the mistake of the family :-/

  6. It’s hard being the middle child I’m also one it seems as if my oldest sister and youngest brother gets all the attention. and me left out. and another thing it seems trying to state your opinion s doesn’t matter. For me at least. But usually one thing the middle child seems to have more independence more know how. Than the rest of the siblings.

  7. I’m a middle child and absolutely have the “syndrome”. Both my sister (older) and brother (younger) have always hated me. Both of our parent’s have now passed, i cried harder for my dad when he died because he paid me just a little more attention when he clearly saw my mom playing favorites. Since my mom died, neither have tried to contact me. I sent my neice and nephews birthday cards, not so much as a thank you. Sent my brother and his wife birthday cards, not even a phone call. I don’t get cards from any of them. I recently saw my niece at the movie theater and she looked past me as though i was a stranger, and i said ot my husband…she doesn’t even see me..nope she doesn’t. so i said hello to her, and the look was like..ummm i may have seen you before you must be a friend of my mom’s..unreal. They won’t come around not holding my breath for it either. one of my favorite excuses for my brother not to talk to me was who i voted for to be our next govenor..and this is not a joke. Very serious. This is the mentality i must deal with. i was hospitalized 8 time in 28months with serious issues, not ONCE did either my sister or brother inquire w/ me, send a get well card, nothing they didn’t even call my husband to see how i was. In all honesty God could call me home tonight and they wouldn’t know i was dead. sucks to be the middle’s been hell for 46 years when it comes to my family. The way they treat me has also affected my two children as they are snubbed by these people too.

    1. Dear Deanne,

      Sorry to hear that. I know how terrible it must feel. You’re being the better person by making an effort to keep in contact with them. They will realize one day they wronged you and your family

  8. Still im the least favorite! Im aways getting yelled at even when I dont do anything. Its mostly with my little sister though. She makes up lies to my mom and then she yells at me and then im grounded. And lets say my sisters name is Lindsay and she gets a whole lot more than me. She gets 5 dollars a week of even more money, she got a laptop when she was 6 (shes 7 now), and she got a new bike when I had to use my older sisters old bike. I dont get any good attention and when I do something good its always “do better next time!”. My older sister was always hitting me, lieing on me and blaming stuff on me when we both did something, and she was telling her friends that i was in a special needs class when i wasnt. Ive always been home school and ive never been in a school before. But now that she’s 19 I don’t talk to her. She’s busy with work and college so sometimes i don’t see her for a few days and now she wants to act all nice like she was never mean. With my grandma and grandpa they treat us equally and the same with my aunts and uncles. And what makes it worse is that both of my parents and the youngest so they favor my younger sister over me and when she messes with me they say she will grow out of It. I was happy until I was 5 which is when she was born. And she gets to hit and kick me all the time because she is small but if i even tap her shoulder i get yelled at. I’ll be happy when I get to move out and block people that seem to hate me for no reason.

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