Do You have Middle Child Syndrome?

So you’re a middle child, but how do you know you have Middle Child Syndrome? We have creatively collected this survey from a list of the most common symptoms seen in an individual with Middle Child Personality. The survey is composed of questions that are arranged in in a scale from mild to dangerous symptoms.

The 10 Symptoms
(Answer Truthfully!)

  1. Do you feel alienated from your family?

  2. Do you feel alienated from your friends?

  3. Do you often lock yourself inside your room?

  4. Ever felt used by friends?

  5. Do you get easily depressed from criticism?

  6. Have you ever dreamed of something but didn’t have the courage to pursue it?

  7. Do you feel envy and even hatred towards your parents or siblings?

  8. Have you ever done things just to be accepted or noticed by others?

  9. Did you feel that you were pushed to achieve things that you did not enjoy your childhood?

  10. Ever felt that you did not belong and no one loves you and the world will be better without you?

Meaning of my scores: Count the number of YES‘s to the questions above

0-3 Congratulations! You’re perfectly normal.

4-5 You just suffer low self-esteem. Nothing weird, go fix your hair and you will do fine.

6-8 Do not be scared. It seems you have mild Middle Child Personality. Self-help and guidance will often cure the condition.

9-10 Unfortunately, you suffer a severe condition of Middle Child Syndrome, try not to do anything rash. Emotional support from love ones along with psychiatric help will solve this.

48 thoughts on “Do You have Middle Child Syndrome?

  1. I got 10 out of 10 so I guess I do. Sometimes I feel invisible to my friends like I will start to say something and then one of them will interrupt and start talking about something else! Sometimes I feel like if I ran away then everything would be better. I try my hardest to make my mom and dad understand, but when ever I try to tell them they get mad at me for being “rude!” What should I do?

  2. I am a middle kid and my score was 6yes’s so I have middle kid syndrome being the 4th child of six kids and the middle kid of three girls my older sister me and the baby sister.There is also another symptom of middle child syndrome. This symptom is making a fantasy world where they don’t have to lean/depend on anybody which is exactly what I do. I am only 12yrs old. :(

    1. I do that sometimes.I will make a world where I don’t need to depend on anybody.My score was a nine.My attitude changes Everest.I’ll be really sad and depressed one day and my parents’ll ask what’s wrong and I’ll lie and say nothing.Or the next day I’ll be angry and lash out or yell at people who critisize me in the smallest ways.It always seems like I’m their target for bullying.I was always called names by them and I used to be so very sensetive.Now I’m mean and aggressive and I lock myself in my room alot.I hardly ever go upstairs and sit down with my family.

    2. Hi I have a similar problem. I’m 12 years old in the 7th grade. My older brother is in the military and my moms favorite child (there is 3 of us) Then there is my younger brother, he gets straight a’s and plays football and basketball.Thats my dads fav kid.And I am average, a self taught gymnast (Bc my parents spend all of there money on my siblings.So yes but mine is worse I got 9 right so good luck

  3. I am the middle child. Yesterday my little sister and I were each going to have a shower (separately, obviously). I had all my thing out and I was ready for my shower. Then my mom walked in and said let Bella (my sister) go first. I asked my mom why, as I was already ready and Bella most definitely was not, Bella should have her shower first. All my mom replied was that Bella was ready and I was bot. I protested and said I was the one who was ready and that the only reason she was letting Bella go first was because she is the youngest but my mom did not even reply because, as the middle child, I am practically invisible to her. Another example is of every day. My mom has forced me to be my older brother’s and my younger sister’s personal tea slaves. I gave to male them tea EVERY DAY. My dad tells me off if I do not offer him tea. I am twelve and I do not know how to trust. I am alone in the world; not in the sense that I do not have friends but in the sense that they do not understand me and I do not trust them. I do not trust them because I do not trust anybody- not because they are not good friends.

  4. I’ve answered “YES” for numbers 2 to 10.

    Sadly, I don’t want this feeling, I’m terribly suffering in this kind of situation.
    I used to be always serious and got easily irritated and feeling left-out with events or any other gathering.

    I want to be fully understood by others even so I’m always being dramatic. I’m thinking that everything’s at my fault. But still, I’m looking forward to be a responsible parent for my future children so that they won’t feel the same.

  5. I am 16, the middle child between a 18 year old and a 6 year old. Let me tell you, ever since my little sister was born things have been different. People who have known my mom for forever would always congratulate her on two beautiful daughters, but they would always forget me. My mom would go laugh along with it. I always had to tell people that I was also her daughter

    Since my little sister was born my mom wouldnt spend as much time with me as she would with my other siblings. And if she wanted to spend time with me, she would always bring someone with her, we rarely had any one on one time except the time with my counseler.

    My dad is just as guilty, but he only pays attention to my younger sister, always telling her how much he loves her and how that she is “daddys little princess”. He is always happily buying her new things. For example (I know this sounds spoiled but hear me out) two summers ago was one of the hottest summers where I live, which is a small island. So he goes and buys her three bathing suits when the one from last year fit her perfeclty. So I asked him if I could buy this swimsuit (which wasn’t even expensive) and he just gives me this look of utter annoyence and asks my to put on last year to see if it still fits. It clearly didn’t. It was too small. It was so small that it barely covered my chest and gave me a really bad camel toe that was very noticable. He told me that it still fit me and that just because she got something that I had to get something. So that year, while everyone was going to the beach, I had to stay some because I didn’t have a bathing suit to wear (I known what your thinking ” well why didn’t you put a shirt on over it??” It was plainly obvious that it was too small, even a shirt could cover it all up)

    Lets talk about my older sister. She is the definition of perfect. She has perfect grades, high honors almost every quarter, a big butt,and big boobs. She got accepted to every collage she applied to. I’m always being compared to her. My mom always tells me that I should bump my grades up like my sister does. (Let’s call my older sister Judie). At all the meetings at school she always says ” well Judie does this” or “since Judie has that”. It came to a point where the teacher had to pull my aside and had to reassure me that I was my own person with my own accomplishments. Once I told my sister that I wanted to work for the C.D.C. she laughed at me and said I could never be a doctor with my grades and that Im too forgetful.

    So this week I was so happy because my mom just got out of the hospital and I was looking foreword to taking care of her. When she got home she layed on the couch and insisted that she didn’t need to be taken care of right now. So night comes and I insisted a couple of times that I would stay up so she could rest and not worry about taking her medication and that I would make sure she was OK. She told me she would be ok. So with that I head upstairs to settle in but I wanted to check in on her one last time. So I went downstairs and of course, Judie was taking care of her. So in the morning I confronted her, red faced from crying, and asked her why she didn’t want me to help her and she said ” oh she insisted that she needed to help me “. Like really? I insisted to help, you brush me off, but when Judie offers, you jump at the offer?? And in arguments my momd always quick to defend Judie and let her off scotch free but when I’m introuble im grounded. Time will pass and you will be able to move on. So hang in there and look at the bright future ahead!!

  6. First of all- I am 13 year old girl—I often get told off for doing the tiniest things an then my siblings do the same and dont get in trouble at all. I spend my days in my room, writing in my diary all about my life, I cry and i sleep and i go to hell/school. Thats what my life is now because no one gives a shit about me. I just want to be the one who is important for once. I am different and my parents hate that, they even say it.

    Example: *At McDonalds* Older Sister- “Chicken Chilli Wrap and water” Younger Brother- “Happy Meal with 6 nuggets and a coke” Me- “Chicken and mayo burger, small chips, water and 3 nuggets” Dad- “Oh jeez, why do you have to be so different?”
    I know he is kidding around but he says it so much that i now beleive its true.

    I am also called too sensitive and too nice and TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING! i can never just be a normal amount of something they say.
    I am constantly critisized by one of my friends for being “too sensitive” because she always calls me unfit and unhealthy and that i dont exercise as much as she does. This happens every day i see her, I can’t even stand up to her because she can tell me off and of course i still get the blame, i just have to stand there and take the insults.
    My parents honestly don’t give a shit about my health hardly either. FOR 8 YEARS, no exaggeration, i have been constantly have a sharp pain in the center of my right foot and i tell them all the time i would like to go to the doctors to get it checked out and they say they will get it done and i havent been there yet! I also have athsma and i need a new athsma puff as of 6 months ago and i have been telling them i need one, I need one and i still havent gotten that either! I go to school and do sport and i almost have an athsma attack every time, with it i can carry on through sport and not have to take constant breaks but i miss out every time because of this and i hate it!

    I know i am sensitive and annoying and different and i tell people that and they say its a bad thing and maybe it is but I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! Its who i am and how i act and i want to stop having this personality i have because im obviously not good enough for anyone. No one can stay around me for longer than a day or two, no boyfriend can go out with me for over a month without breaking up with me. I feel like im not loved and not wanted here, maybe im not. This is what being a middle child has done to me.

    1. You sound like and awesome person. And I know how you feel like my baby sister would mess with me a lot and hit me and I was to shy to say anything so one night she messes with me and I just lashed out. My four siblings always said I was to sensetive and then I started getting aggressive because the would’nt pick on me a lot. So I used to be to emotional and sensetive and now I have to much attitude. Yet my baby sister has so much attitude as well.

  7. I answered yes to all 10. My parents care, though. It’s my siblings that don’t. They are always together. I used to sit outside my brothers door and listen to them laughing and talking. The day my mom asked them to include me was the day they stopped. I HATE them. They make my life miserable, and my parents don’t notice. My parents do favor my brother.
    One day, I went through the basement and cleaned most of it. When I was done, my mom was praising my brother. FOR TAKING OUT THE TRASH. My mom didn’t even ask me to clean the basement, yet she yelled at me for not finishing. I locked myself in the bathroom, because I share a room with my stupid younger sister. But I’ve grown.
    You always have friends!
    But my dad rocks. And my moms OK. It’s mostly my siblings.

  8. I’m the middle child of three girls my older sister is 15 my younger sister is 9 and I’m 12 (almost 13)
    My whole life I’ve felt ignored I have spent countless days sitting in my room listening to music and drawing while my family is sitting downstairs not even noticing I’m gone.
    Shopping/going to the mall is such a headache cause my sisters get everything and I get nothing.
    My older sister is really social and pretty and my younger sister is an annoying brat that gets everything she wants. When I go to school I make it my goal to get all A’s and get special awards so my parents will notice me but It never works, …. I know my parents love me but I have to admit they care more for my sisters than me

    1. I am going through pretty much the same thing as you, except my younger sibling is a boy and i am 13.

  9. they depend on me too much. i cant do everything. i have a sister who’s a year older than me. shes the kind that will want everything. for example there is this lotion that they dont use now because she got what i was using already then she started using what im using at the moment again. ive always thought she is jealous kind so i gave everything. i never asked anything grand to my parents. she always got them without asking for it. i feel like i never get what i deserve i was always the good kid is so frustrating at times to be the always be the understanding kind.

  10. Wow, I got 10 out of 10. I’ve been wondering why I feel so alone all the time. Even when I’m with my family I can’t seem to connect with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but whatever it is that makes kids connect with each other and their parents –I don’t seem to have that. I’m 17 and scared to death of being an adult. I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts for about 2 years, with anxiety and depression going back as far as I can remember. My little sister always seems to get her way, despite my parents’ efforts not to spoil her. My older brother rarely speaks to me. He ignores me and doesn’t think much of me. I wish I could share with them my problems. I feel like I’m always there to support them, but no one is there to support me. I have friends, but again, they unload stuff on me but I don’t feel at liberty to do the same to them. Now some of them are moving on, which is fine. I feel alone. I know I’m not, but sometimes feelings are more real than reality. I also feel stupid for being this way. Like I’m just an attention freak, or selfish, or weak or something. I wish I could make sense of it all.

    1. I’am the youngest in our family. I have 3 older brothers and 3 older sisters. I may not be the middle child of our family but,I’ve always felt like this feeling left alone,used by my friends,and etc… And that’s when I started to realize that middle child is not a disease it’s a learned personality.

  11. Omg! It’s like being back living with my mum! Whine whine whine. Suck it up, move on and grow a backbone. If your parents don’t care then why do you care about their opinion.

    1. Get lost, you dont know how it feels, “whine, whine, whine” Why are you even here and searching this up if you dont care? Don’t you dare tell us to suck it up when you don’t even know about our lives!

  12. I took another test on another website and it claimed I had mild-middle child syndrome. I guess I don’t need any major help, but maybe to tell my story it will maybe help a little. well I have an older sister who was working three jobs. her and I have always talked moving in with each other somewhere in California. whenever she talked about moving away somewhere with her boyfriend or if she ended up back in Arizona where we moved from, with my mom or my dad, my mom would claim that she would go with my sister wherever she went, leaving me and my younger brother at home. so I guess you can say that my mom and sister are more like friends than a mother daughter relationship. sometimes I feel left out because I never get invited to do anything with them. now with my dad, he always jokes with my sister like when are you and so and so are going to move in together and get married, but in all actuality, my dad doesn’t want my sister to go, which I heard him himself that he doesn’t want her to. now with my brother, my brother is the baby. he’s into sports and always running around with his friends. whenever sports come up, my dad goes out of the way to get him name brand material and new cleats or something every year. Whenever my brothers goes places with friends, he always asks for money, which I dad or mom will ask how much he wants and adds at least 10 bucks to it. now with me… I play two sports and also go places with my friends. I wanted new softball cleats and basketball shoes, but got the lecture that they weren’t cheap and I can use them for a couple more years, which my feet grow, and I cant wear them anymore. now when I go with my friends, I also get a lecture about how I need to get a job and start buying my own stuff. before I get the money, I get at least a 30 min. lecture. right now I have the feeling that my dad despises me because im going to college for welding, and for him having to pay for it or because I actually want to do something with my life. I really don’t know. sometimes I thought about suicide, but I know that wouldn’t fix anything. I always felt left out of family events, or even left out from my brother and sister, whenever they are doing something. for example, a Kid Cudi concert came up. my sister invited my brother and bought his ticket and she also invited my mom, but not me. I asked why she didn’t, and she said cause she thought I didn’t like him. I told her I did and then that’s when she realized she was leaving me out, so she bought me a ticket and the four of us went plus her boyfriend, which who also seems like he doesn’t like me, but is best buds with my mom, sis, and dad. I’ve never done anything wrong to deserve this and feel I cant fix it. what exactly can I do to not feel this way anymore?!

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