Middle of Five

Although my parents give me the least attention, i get attention. Althought my parents give me the least, at least they give me something. Although my parents do more for my siblings, they do things for me. Although my parents love me the least, they still love me. We middle children should accept this and not let it get us down; we are better than our siblings and parents and we will be/are better parents than they were/are. As the middle child, i have noticed that other middle children get less attention, too, but those children are intelligent, great, even. We cannot let middle chid syndrome get the better of us. We must accept middle child syndrome and not let it take us. Unfortunately, not everyone sees this, not because they are unintelligent, but because i, for two and a half years, was the youngest, before my younger brother, than sister came. Although only the middle chid for two and a half years, my older brother has transformed into someone who gave up on academics and decided that it is better to be ‘cool’. He is distanced from the family, and i do not want to become like him. We must know that at least we are loved, even if only a little. Yes, we aren’t liked as much, but that cannot affect who we are. We cannot let it.

– Bilaal

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  1. Yes, “Thank You” ALL out there.
    So pleased I came across this supportive site, I am not alone.
    What can I do to improve, have faith and courage,
    IS there a psychological course/therapy for me/us all ?
    I would be so great if only I had the confidence to believe in my self – ya – I know, it’s just a miracle dream!!
    I have grown up children now I do try harder to give my middle son (of 5 children, special attention, but he covers it up or hopefully doesn’t feel the need that I did, still do.
    However I woul love to join a “class” – something – to help me build my self esteem and perhaps in doing so be in the position to help others who are unhappy or struggling to feel loved and accepted.
    Thank You, once again. MS

  2. I agree that we should all stand strong and tall and fight to overcome the crap (pardon my French) that our parents saddled us with from the day we were born, but at the same time it’s difficult to just let go of it. I’m 24 years old and the middle daughter of three girls, and it’s just recently that I’ve realized I have a big dose of middle child syndrome and that it is something I have to work through on my own. I’ve felt like the odd one out for as long as I can remember and it’s taken me some twenty-odd years to understand that I’m not to blame for the poor balance in our family life. It’s hard for a kid to understand this issue, it takes years and maturity to start processing it. Still, I wish us all luck and I want to thank Hailey for creating a community for us!

  3. we are not going to be sandwiched. all of this things, will be turned into an inspiration! thus turning us to be an even more better person! are courage is given and taken for granted… we earn it! therefor! we know what true values are… Hard work through everything is always the best!

  4. I am too a middle child. I’ve been experiencing a lot lately and also when i was young. We middle child knows the world as being unfair. But we have to be strong. I know we can. I’m going to be in this site more often. I’m glad they have a community for us.

  5. hope you can understand Filipino language so u can also read my writings. I THANK YOU FOR THIS VERY MUCH. I also grew up as a middle child.

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