No One Likes Me

Ever since I was little I had to seek constant reassurance that I was good, or being good or doing well, and I always had low self esteem.

I had an older sister who is only 1 and a half years older than me, but she always got to do things first and got and get the best things first and I get hand-me-downs from her, even though I hate her style. When I was like 6 my mom said she was having a baby and I was excited. I was going to be the older sister now and I was going to get to teach her things and such… but when she was born, I never even got to hold her because my sister was older and got to hold her first and by the time I got her she was crying. Then she got older and instead of me getting things first or doing things first, it was always either my big sister or my little sister because “she’s youngest” or “she’s oldest” and I was always in the middle.

I started making sure I was last all the time just so I wouldn’t be in the middle. then we moved and my big sister got the biggest room with a closet, (mine has pipes in it so I cant even use it) and I wanted the smallest because it has 2 closets and a walk in one which I always wanted, but my mom got mad because my little sister wanted it so I just got the middle sized room with no closet. I always feel like people like my sisters more and that no one likes me at all or even hate me, and I’m always sad and really hate life. I wish my mom and dad loved me more and didn’t treat me so badly compared to my sisters…


5 thoughts on “No One Likes Me

  1. i feel the same way except i have a disability like my sister does, my youngest brother smart. i hate being the middle child and still leaving at home with my parents no one expects anything big from me i feel sometimes everybody can just boss me around. and yes i’m very bright. well i ask my dad if would help me put together my own computer . he goes and builds my youngest bro. a really expensive one. like all the stuff i want my youngest bro seems to get. i’m just saying i’m tired of it.

  2. i feel the same even though im not jelous of my brother who is 10 years odler than me married and everything i do hate my little sister 6 years younger than she gets everything and she is always right i am wrong sometimes i wanna kill heer but the truth is i luv that little brat. i just wished my parents would pay attention more knowing my mom was a middle child but i guess she never felt this way

  3. It’s okay I’m going through the same thing as well. I cried in front of my dad so he could understand, I noticed that my sister got what they wanted from crying also that my dad wouldn’t listen to them unless they cried. They ALWAYS cried for everything, and never meant a single tear. I didn’t want to be like that because I would feel like a baby poo poo but then I thought “wait don’t I want to be like them? with love and everything I wanted”. So I cried in front of my dad, maybe he was shocked because he didn’t think I ever would, also their was hole suicide stage I went though. I don’t want anyone else to go through that. 🙁 So if no one likes you then do something to show them you want it, if they still don’t want it tell someone at school like a teacher. Most teachers understand teenagers then any other adult. When your parents hear it from an other adult they could listen more. Just try to remember you only get to live once, its the only life you got. When you die, no one can replace you. Not even you siblings. Most middle children, have middle child syndrome but even though we all have things in common we are all different people. No one will ever no you better then you yourself. Not even other middle child. I know your the middle child but I’m sure that there is much more to you then that. If not then try taking an art class, or music class something that will give you a good skills. Tell your dad that the hole world can love you but it will never be like the love from him, hes the only dad you got but hey your the only middle child he has. Ask him too “dad would you miss me if I was gone for good?”, if he says no then girl just cry or something to get him to love you. If he says he was joking tell him its not funny, and that you weren’t joking. Try hard not to yell and ask him not to yell. If I know anything the middle child gets yelled at more even when there not yelling . If it doesn’t work then move on and remember that somewhere on this world there is someone for you.

  4. Well, at least you were six when your little sister was born. You got to be the youngest, even for a little while. I never experienced to be the special one, my older sister being 1,5 years older, my younger sister 1,5 years older.

    My parents wanted to spend as little time as possible with me, thus when I wanted a tv for in my room, I got one. When I begged for a ‘family-pc’ (computers had no internet back then, so you only used it for games and to type stuff. Also, they were too expensive for personal use, thus you have to share it with other people in the household) I got one immediately, despite my bigger sister begged for one for ages. I was happy off course back then for getting what I wanted. But now I am thinking back, it seems more like these were bribes, so they wouldn’t have to bother with me.

    We also moved a lot, so I never actually was able to make close friends.

  5. Sorry you feel that way. Remember that they are people out in the world willing to care about you even if your parents won’t. I myself am going through this right now but whenever I feel alone I go on walks and call my friends. Make many close friends and they’ll help you get through life!

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