Being the Middle Child

Being a middle child really sucks. I am not generalizing this statement, because middle child syndrome is very real. It is a condition that continues to affect millions of people around the world, including me.

I hate my middle child personality, it is like a disease inside me. I have never felt I truly belonged. All the attention were given to the first and last child. I feel that everything I do goes unnoticed, sometimes it seems that I was not intended to be part of the family. Middle children are the black sheep of the family. Middle children are the outcasts. Yes, I was always aware of middle child personality, they say that middle children are underachievers and inferior compare to our siblings. I personally do not believe this. Since I was a kid, I was driven to achieve things just to be noticed. While being successful at being praised and honored, I still didn’t feel loved at all.

I think middle children are really talented individuals. Well, I’m not a professional artist, but I can say that I’m pretty artistic compared to my other siblings. But still, I always feel that there is something lacking, that feeling prevents me from pursuing my dreams and ambitions. I feel that before I can live my life, I must first move on from the past, which is very hard to do.

I am already 22 years old, still single and living on my own. I hope that all these will pass, and one day I will look at myself and be proud of who I am and what I have achieved, not for the acceptance of others, but for myself.

I strongly believe that good parenting must be practiced by all aspiring parents. In this way, unloved children like me would not continue to suffer. Middle children deserve better.

Middle Child Syndrome or Depression?

I’m not to sure if in my case I would be the middle child due to my mom having four children, but the point is I’m not sure if I’m having middle child syndrome effects. The reason why all three of my siblings graduated high school and i didn’t or why I’m 20 and still have not had my own car and still haven’t had my own room. I’m still haven’t got my ged and from time to time my mom will speak to me about it but then just changes subjects like it’s a big deal but it’s not anything she will help me to fix. I am the black sheep of my family for 1 I’m gay 2 I smoke weed 3 am the only one with thoughts of suicide. that’s when i question if that is middle child syndrome or just effects of depression?
– porchia

Hi porchia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it seems that you are suffering from middle child syndrome. You must be aware that it all started from being ignored and unloved. Being gay or smoking weed, that is not who you are. Believe me I know how hard it is to live with that. Just stay clean and spend time with your friends. We believe in you, may God watch over you.