So I have 2 sisters an older and younger so I’m stuck being the middle child. I’m always picked on by my sister Rebecca, my older sister. She always calls me selfish and a mistake. Sometimes I believe that I was a mistake. it wasn’t just her though I was picked on by my mom as well, she always said that I was an emotional basket case and that when I got my period I would be so much more trouble. I hate my family. They always say that they love me but I know that that’s not true because if it was then they would care more. For example whenever I get straight A’s (which is always ever since middle school) they say I need to do better!!! I’m like WTF because that’s the best you can do but when my sister gets a bad grade they just tell her to do better and then leave it at that.

Then don’t even get me started with my little sister. She says she’s so tough but really whenever i so much as pinch her she goes running to mom or dad that I hurt her and then I get scolded at. I always get blamed for doing everything. for example when I don’t do anything I get yelled at for not trying to stop my sister from hurting my little sister and then if I do something I get yelled at for getting involved.. So whatever I do I get punished. My parents don’t treat us equally even though they say they do but I wouldn’t expect them to understand… my mom was the third child of ten, two older brothers and the rest younger. She was the oldest girl so I can’t go to her for help at all. Then there’s my dad. He was the oldest of eight so it doesn’t work and besides he’s a guy and doesn’t understand.

I don’t know if this would matter but I was born the year of the tiger, which has a sensitive personality while I was also born the month of the Gemini, the sign of a split personality… not a very good combination if you ask me. My parents as well as my sisters would always say that I was so lazy and that I don’t do a thing to help out at home even though i do.

My sister Rebecca and I always got into a fight and my mom would always say that it was my fault even though she started it. Then she would say to my sister to just let it go because I was so emotional.  My mom says that I should know better because I should be more mature and yet I can’t do the things I want to do. My big sister Rebecca always gets things first. For example my parents said to my sister that when she got her driver’s license that they would get her a car but when I got one, they said that I had to share it. I hate that I always had to get hand-me-downs.

My little sister gets the privileges I never got and I’m sick of it. I hate it when my parent’s say that they don’t need to go to my orientation because they already went to my sister’s and you know what if we weren’t shown around the school I would have probably gotten lost.

My mom always blames me for everything! if she sees a cup she just assumes that its mine even though it’s not and I get yell at and threatened that if I don’t go put it in the sink then I won’t be able to go onto the computer and such.

I always feel like an outsider within my family because of the way they treat me. No one should have to feel the type of neglect I felt so this one time when someone was being bullied I helped her out and then an acquaintance asked me why I did that because no one liked the girl and I said because I don’t like to see someone being bullied because it’s not fair.

i always feel sad and fall into depression because I know I will never be accepted by anyone not even my friends. I know from the age of nine that I had to be independent because they didn’t love me the way they loved my sisters.

p.s. my mom says that I need a life but says she’s way too busy to drive me there so I have to bike to my friends house but she rides my sister everywhere.

FYI: if you don’t agree that middle children only selfish and jealous because of the lack of love then you have no heart and have no right to be on this site!

– Rachel