I am a middle child. When I read the posts here, I can relate to them from the core of my soul. I often wondered, family patterns and cultures vary across different parts of the world, but some things are universal, like us middle children.

I have experienced all or most the symptoms associated with middle child syndrome. I was always made to feel like an ugly duckling of the family. Whenever I played a game, I wasn’t applauded. When I excelled in school, it was a not a big thing. When I dressed up for a party, I was always made to feel like a clown, even though I was well dressed. My eating habits were also picked upon; I could not get a morsel down my throat because my heart was heavy. If I continue narrating my saga, then it will take a major part of your time.
Now, I am a married woman with two lovely kids and a very caring husband. All of them know about the trauma I went through and they pamper me like a child. All you middle children, I just want you to know that God has a way of balancing things. I now have a wonderful family.

There is so much maternal instinct in me, that I still feel connected to all of you on this board. Kids, be happy and joyful. I am a mother, but I still have the middle child inside of me, only this time the pain is much less, because I have a lovely family.

Never ever think that nobody cares for you, I care for all of you. To all middle children, we are not weird, we are unique. We are not abnormal, we are above normal. We are not eccentric, we are exclusive. God bless you all!

A point to add here is that some people who have come on this board have stated that even though they were middle children, they grew up normally. Good for them, but let them not dilute or simplify what middle children go through.

Anyways, middle children, we are a beautiful community.