Well, I’m 17, about to turn 18 (I think all of you know how exciting the prospect of being an adult is, especially when you’re the middle child), and I absolutely distaste being the middle child. But I love it at the same time.

I have a sister who is 3 years older than me, and a little brother who is 2 years younger than me. I basically help raise my brother, and I’m my sister’s person to lean on when she has problems. Same applies to my mom.  I think she looks at me as more as her confidant than her daughter, in all honesty.

But anyway, I have always been slightly independent, because I think my mom just assumes I can take care of myself, therefore I never get the support I want, or need. Right now, I’ve been out of school for two years. I dropped out in 10th grade, and now I would be graduating in 5 months if I hadn’t dropped out. I’m looking into getting my GED before I turn 18 so  I can feel a little bit accomplished, but it’s like my mom refuses to help me, even though when she was my age she got her GED. I think that she compares me to my sister, who is 20, with a high school diploma and working for a law firm. She has everything going for her. And my brother, he’s not the brightest. He’s a jock, on the football team, and insanely cocky. I can’t stand him the majority of the time. But my mom has big hopes for him, and tells him all the time.

Not once has anyone in my family (save my grandma, bless her heart. I love her so much. She’s my biggest supporter,) has ever just told me that they’re proud of me. I know that there’s nothing really to be proud of, but I think you get the gist.

I started looking for some attention outside of my family, since I’m not getting any, and found my best friend Tay, and for the last 4 years I’ve spent every summer, Christmas, spring and thanksgiving break with her and her family. I love her mom and little sister, and her mom treats me just like I’m her own daughter,and I love it cause I’m finally getting the attention I honestly crave. My mom doesn’t like Tay, but I refuse to budge on my friendship, because, hey, she’s not giving me attention and Tay and her family are.

I have a little problem with my uncle, who just so happens to be my mom’s closest sibling. We argue constantly, and he’s always grinding at my very last nerve. No one ever stands up for me when he yells at me for no reason, so I stand up for myself, and end up getting in trouble for doing so. I think it’s stupid, but no one seems to agree with me. My mom won’t even stand up for me, and that really does hurt..

Also, I bet you’re wondering about my dad. Haha. He’s not in the picture. He never has been. I know his name. Benjamin Gulsmith. If you know him, tell him his long lost daughter said hi.

I envy my brother and sister for that very fact; they know their dads. We all have different dads, and my brothers dad just came into his life a year ago, and he’s insanely happy. I try to be, because I know that no one cares how jealous I am, but I can’t be happy for him no matter how hard I try.

I just don’t understand how life could seriously just be this unfair, that my entire family (but, like earlier, except for my grandma, she’s always been there for me) is so against me. My mom always used to yell at me for having a bad attitude. Well yeah. Anyone would have a bad attitude if you’re an 8 year old kid getting your 6 year old brother breakfast every morning and getting him dressed and bathed every day of his life till he got old enough to take care of himself.

I am so ecstatic about turning 18, because I can move out and make my own rules, and decide for myself. I am a pretty independent person, so living on my own won’t be too hard on me.

There are perks to being the middle child, but one down-side was definitely that basically my whole child hood was taken from me because I had to take care of my little brother, and ended up having to grow up to fast, to soon.

I’m sorry I rambled so much; it was just so nice to get this off my chest! Thank you if you read all of this, and if you’re a middle child, I’ll pray for you. It sucks, but we’re stronger than we seem, right?

– Megan