I am Olivia and I have an older sister and a younger brother and my parents favor me. My sister and brother tease me all the time for being a straight A student and still be popular pretty and nice.

Well I’m a kind of girl that looks at the big picture and not at the little stuff and so when my sister asked me if I liked chinchillas I said no and she asked why. I replied to that overall I think they are just annoying.(no offense to chinchilla lovers) they always gang up on me and it’s so annoying. They try to mimic me and it makes me so mad that they only look at the bad side of things.

Sure I am a perfectionist and am kind of stubborn and hold grudges but that’s only the bad stuff and I have millions of other bad things also but I have billions of good things about me also. I’m nice and peaceful and all I want in life is to be happy with God and my family around me. I also laugh a lot at stupid stuff that’s not even funny but if it makes me happier than why is it so hard to just let me be!

One little insult just makes them feel perfect and my brother and sister get my words and twist them. My brother once told me I was as skinny as a stick and I said that he has a high voice. Well now he says that I called him gay which is not true. My sister says that she used to looks like me which is not true. I have long blonde wavy hair and she has kind of wavy brown hair but when she was my age is wasn’t wavy at all. I told her hair was more raggedy when she was my age, which is true and she twisted it up and say that I said that she has raggedy hair. It annoys me to breaking point but I don’t cry around them or anything and they call me a baby.

They say I’m too proud of the bad things about me like perfectionist and stuff buy I’m not glad about I’m just accepting it. I don’t know what to do when they mock me and make fun of me while at the same time ganging up on me!