Hi, I’m Gina, I’m 20 yrs old. I’m the second child among my four siblings and everyone in my family thinks I’m a useless person.

My life was like “why you can’t be like your sister?”, “why you always being so childish?”

I love arts, very much. But my parents won’t let me further my studies because my sister couldn’t make it into university and they assume the I’m same too, will never make it. As my brother turn 17 this year and he wanted to study law. My mum started to put every effort and support so she can get him into a good school.

I have changed numerous jobs because I just don’t get want I really want and I don’t even know what I want. This really destroys my resumes and often got rejected. Now I have spent full time teaching myself drawing. But whenever my sister saw me drawing she started to say I will never succeed and I’m wasting my time. I complaint to my mum about it she just reply I’m such a troublemaker.

I just feel this world is so unfair. I wanted to run away from home. I did think about commit suicide but I’m too afraid.
Even romance don’t work well on me. Guys just flee off when they came to know that I never been in relationship before. You can guess I’m a lone wolf. I just want a better life.

Sorry for my bad English as it was not my native language.