Between two sisters

My name is Olivia and I too am the middle child of three girls! I think being the middle child of three same sex children makes it even harder, especially with the competition of girls! All my life I have been known as the weird one the outcast just as thus site says. As i got older i became a bit chubby and that’s when my three year older sister made my life hell! She never let me forget about my weight issues and always used that as an excuse to make me cry. Now she is 22, I am 19 and my younger sister is 16. The 22 year old and 16 year old get along great but I however am left alone never even acknowledged. Now its my younger sister who makes fun of my weight, even though i am technically at a normal weight range. The stress from being the middle child or outcast has led to my eating disorder issues, depression, and even suicidal attempts. This site makes me happy to see that there are others living through it and going through what i had to somewhat!

Hi Olivia! First of all, I am surprised to read this. It reminds me exactly of myself. I am the middle, between two sisters. At a point in my life, I became very fat, obese I think, due to emotional eating. Believe me when I tell you that I understand exactly how to be the middle of two sisters, and how the younger sister can be very annoying. I try to spend more time outdoors when I’m feeling lonely, playing sports like badminton, you could try it, it really helps.

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  1. I understand completely. One very painful memory (among many) was my mother asking who wanted to go to the store with her. My younger sister said “I do!” and then I said “I do!” to which my younger sister said “If she goes, then I don’t want to go.” That pretty much sums up how I was treated by my younger, very attractive, shapely, blonde bombshell younger sister. My older sister hung out with me because at the time she was overweight and had no friends. Once she lost weight she was very attractive and she left me in the dust. She only wanted my company between failed relationships with husbands or boyfriends. When she had a man in her life she never invited me to come see her (unless she had problems); when she had friends, she dropped me. When alone, she was my buddy. Older sister never had a good word for younger, more attractive sister…..would put her down to me. I would defend younger sister. Then younger sister betrayed me TOO. For absolutely no reason. But not before she told me that I was the sickest one in the family.
    I tried to be friends with both of them for many years, worried about them, and actually thought they had sisterly feelings for me too. The only time either one of them wanted my company was when things weren’t going well for them.
    My advice to those in the middle (or whatever your birth order) is to not spend a lifetime trying to be pals when you get treated like dirt time and time again.
    Try to find a friend who will treat you fairly. Even the Bible says there are friends who stick closer than a brother (or sister).
    No one is perfect but when your own family member tries to hurt your feelings and insult you for absolutely no reason, it’s best to distance yourself.

  2. Hello, dear Olivia…You explained very well about your situation with sisters.. But how about parents? Keep in mind as leaders of the family, they should (often parents not to do it, ignoring like these problems)offer you support..I am myself a middle child, I am almost 50… so, for many years I experienced the same kind of a treatment from my family…My advice: talk to your parents about this situation and give them some time to react…maybe days or maybe weeks… If they will tell you “its OK” kind of a “support” and will NOT do actually anything to resolve the situation… go to a second part of advice: learn about a psychology “Behavioral modification..”. once you will get books out of your local library you will understand why I suggested it…Modify their “misbehaving” and stay in a disciplined control of yours… Parents should actually play this role , but they often DON’T. So, remember to be a GOOD parent when your time will come.

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