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I have a 14 year old brother and a 6 year old sister. I’m an 11 year old girl and life isn’t always “amazing” for me. My older brother gets a lot of attention and more stuff than me because my mom and dad believe that they need to pay attention to him because he’s older and he might do things that will upset them.

My little sister…oh gosh…she’s spoiled! If she doesn’t get what she wants she will cry. and sometimes slap. which is very horrible around Christmas time and she will cry in any game she looses.

me…im pretty depressed. im angry a lot i have VERY LOW self-esteem i search the internet and read books on how to make things better but my two siblings are so spoiled that nothing helps.
and all my teachers think im just like my older brother so they treat me exactly the same.

– Gianna

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  1. I am a Middle Child. When i read the posts here, i relate to them from the core of my soul, i often wondered, family patterns and cultures are different in different parts of the world, but,somethings are so Universal like our middle children. I have experienced , maybe all or most the symptoms associated with the middle child.I always was made to feel like an Ugly Duckling of the family. Whenever i played a game, i was not applauded, when i excelled in school it was a non event, when i dressed up for a party , i was always made to feel like a clown, eventhough i was well dressed.Even my eating habits were picked upon, i could not get a morsel down my throat because my heart was heavy.If i continue narrating my saga , then it will take a major part of your time.

    Now, i am a married woman with two lovely kids and a very caring husband. All of them , know about the trauma , i went through and they just pamper me like a child.All you Middle Children , God has a way of balancing things, now i have a wonderful family.

    There is so much of maternal instinct in me, that i still feel connected to all of you on this board. KIDS be HAPPY , JOYFULand PROSPEROUS. I am a Mother , but have still middle child inside me, only this time the pain is less, because i have a lovely family.

    Never ever think that nobody cares for you, i care for you all, God Bless You.
    All you Middle Children , we are not weird , we are Unique, we are not abnormal, we are ABOVENORMAL, we are not eccentric, we are EXCLUSIVE. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!

    A point to add here, some people , who have come on this board have stated that eventhough they were middle children , they grew up normally.Good for them, but let them not dilute or simplify , what middle children go through.

    Anyways, Middle children WE ARE A BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY.

  2. Ok I’m 11 and a girl I have a 13 year old sister and 5 year old brother they get almost all the attention the only attention I get is if I do good at school and I barely do I share a room and my sister thinks its her room and always kicks me out my patents do nothing at all and my brother of he does get Wat he asked for or wants he will have a fit and litteritly attack you it totally sucks being middle child 3 of my friends are and one of them felicity she is the greatest person I know I’m like her half sister kinda person

  3. Hey lil one you’re not alone.
    Gianna, keep your head up, chin high.
    I know its hurt but try to let it go.
    and really all of your teacher?
    why not see if one of them are not like that.
    and tell them how you feel and explain to them.
    you’re to young to be depress. *sighs*
    sorry to say that.
    be active, tv not so good, read a book, listen to music.
    interact with your fellow school mate.
    make sure you pick/ chose the right (one)…or two.
    is there no one you can seek advise?
    I hope there is one for you.
    let me tell you, if you want you will be misery!
    correct me if I’m wrong.
    You want what your sibling have, right?
    that is not a good thinking. that’s why you’re depress.
    let it go.
    what you have is already GOOD!
    what more do you want?
    is the more you want, you can’t get.(that get you anger)
    so stop your want!
    and start being happy with your life from this day forward on lil one!
    about your teacher, you’re a girl, your brother is a guy how are you alike?
    ask them that why do they think that you two are same?’
    when you two are completely different! FOOLS!
    show them that you aren’t nothing like that dude brother of yours!
    how do you do that?
    ask yourself that.
    what can you do to change to be a better person.
    studies hard in school, do your work and homework.
    it will pay off in the future.
    I know it hurts that your parent aren’t there for you all the time.
    but know that they are there for you when you need them.
    until you know how your family really is. for now love them!
    dont do thing that you regret/doing bad things to get your parent attention is a NO NO!!! stay GOOD AND BE GOOD!
    your older brother may need that attention, from your parent. you don’t know about your parent you’re still young. so don’t get upset easly. he is your older brother and your parent let you know why they pay attention to him more. and your lil sister for she young and knows little. just know this. And if things in the future don’t change then.
    then it time for you to change. Dont be jealous!
    remember that part ok!?!
    be your self! BE COOL. stay cool. don’t get angry for no reason. if reason go head and be angry. but dont stay angry.
    Go outside and have fun! enjoy the sunshine.
    take cares



  4. i feel exactly the same. it is extremely painful and i just have to remind myself to breath and remember that God put me in this position for a reason. your not alone.<3

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